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NI (National Instruments) DAQ Hardware

Chameleon is a simple, out-of-the-box, intuitive DAQ system with scalability to 1000+ channels.

PVI Systems, Inc. developed Chameleon – A powerful and intuitive data acquisition program – to take full advantage of DAQ hardware from NI (National Instruments). Chameleon’s unique architecture provides flexibility with an easy-to-use interface. Whether configuring basic channel count (10-100) or high channel count (1000+) systems, Chameleon provides the same intuitive interface allowing you to expand your system in any direction while using the same user-friendly software tools.

Chameleon is ideal for structural test (static, fatigue, and dynamic), design validation, and system health monitoring. Chameleon is being used across a wide variety of industries including Aerospace and Defense, Manufacturing, and Academia.

Chameleon PXI version 1.8.3 has been modified to enable high speed data acquisition above 2M/samples per second. Certain features and functions of Chameleon had to be modified to enable this much higher speed than normal. For more information on the modifications as well  as the hardware used in making these changes, CLICK HERE.

What is Chameleon?

Chameleon Specs

Discover the features and specs of the best data acquisition hardware available, developed to take full advantage of hardware from NI.


System Building

Work with our team of experts to select the platform that fits your requirements. Don’t limit the project to fit the DAQ system when it can adapt to you.



Explore the many “colors” of Chameleon, from simple steady state measurements to high-speed, high channel-count systems.

Since 1999, PVI Systems has been an NI Systems Integration Partner.

“We have been using Chameleon for over seven years for our large channel count structural testing system. A high-quality, stable turnkey data acquisition software, it provided the features we needed to support our testing applications. Over time, as our needs evolved, PVI Systems supplied exceptional assistance, furnishing our Chameleon test system with additional features.”

Structural Test Dept, a National Research University

Clients who use Chameleon DAQ