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Where can I purchase Chameleon? 
Chameleon for CompactDAQ can be purchased from the NI (National  Instruments) Tools Network, or from PVI.  Chameleon for PXI and PXIe can be purchased from PVI.

How is Chameleon licensed?
Chameleon is typically installed with a perpetual, single seat license.  Licensing can be done either on or off-line.  Multiple installations and site licenses are also available.

What is the warranty policy?
One year of support and upgrades is provided with the software.  A maintenance agreement can be purchased for continued support and upgrades.

Is there an evaluation version available and does it have all the features activated?  
An evaluation version of Chameleon-cDAQ can be downloaded from either PVI or the NI Tools Network.  An evaluation version of Chameleon-PXI can be downloaded from PVI.

What if the module I want to use is not on the list of supported hardware?
The list of supported modules includes the most popular NI hardware that has been tested with Chameleon.  Additional modules that are supported by NI’s DAQmx can be easily added.  If you do not see the module you want to use with your system, please contact PVI.

Do all my sample rates have to be the same?
With PXI systems you can set each module to a different sample rate.  With CompactDAQ systems you can have up to three different sample rates for each chassis.  Within the same chassis you could be sampling a strain gage channel at 10 kS/s and an IEPE channel at 204.8 kS/s.

Can I use more than one chassis and will the data be synchronized?
Multiple chassis configurations with time synchronization are supported for either CompactDAQ or PXI systems.  CompactDAQ synchronization uses an NI 9469 module in each chassis.  PXI synchronization uses a PXI-6683H module in each chassis.

How is the data stored?
Data is saved to a TDMS (Test Data Management Streaming) file format along with the channel configuration information.  TDMS is a binary file format optimized for streaming test data.

Can data be exported to other formats?
Chameleon has a utility to export data to either a tab delimited text (spreadsheet), DIAdem, or MATLAB® readable tdms format.