What is Chameleon?


An out-of-the-box, intuitive DAQ system with scalability to 1000+ channels.

About Chameleon

Chameleon’s unique architecture provides incredible power and flexibility with an easy-to-use interface. Other DAQ solutions can be overly complex and inflexible – Chameleon provides the same intuitive interface, whether configuring basic or high channel count systems. Expand your system in any direction while using the same user-friendly software tools.

Chameleon offers compatibility with a wide variety of National Instruments controllers and data acquisition modules so you can configure a system to meet your specific application requirements. Have your system up and running in minutes, acquiring static and dynamic signals at multiple sample rates from a variety of sensor types.


  • Scalability: Up to 1000+ channels
  • Signal Types: Voltage, IEPE, strain, bridge-based, thermocouples, RTDs, current, resistance
  • Hardware Form Factor: NI PXI and PXI Express, NI CompactDAQ, NI FieldDAQ
  • Synchronization: Inter-channel skew as low as 5 ns
  • Sampling Rates: From less than 1 S/s up to 2MS/s
  • A/D, D/A Conversion: 24-bit with up to 118 dB dynamic range
  • Coupling: AC or DC
  • External Timing Source: GPS, IEEE 1588, IRIG-B
  • Multiple chassis configuration with distributed controllers or MXI interface
  • Multiple chassis time synchronization

    Key Features

    • Simple, intuitive, Out-of-the-Box setup and operation
    • Mixed sensor configurations including microphones, accelerometers, bridge sensors, thermocouples, RTD’s, and current sensors
    • Single or multiple chassis configurations using MXI, USB, or Ethernet with cross chassis time synchronization
    • Data visualization, multiple traces and graphs, with live or pre-recorded data
    • Mixed sample rates across modules
    • Analog or digital triggering with pre-triggering
    • Strain and bridge sensor calibration (offset and gain adjustment)
    • Calculated virtual channels with and equation builder with editable on-the-fly while recording
    • Channel alarms with visual, audible or digital output indicators
    • Analog output with predefined or arbitrary waveforms
    • Data logging at a rate less than the sample rate with on-the-fly logging rate update 
    • Automatic re-triggering for repeated measurements with incremental data file naming
    • Data export to popular file formats for post test analysis
    • External control of Chameleon using VI Server or ActiveX for easy integration with third party programs
    • Scripted measurements with the option to run on power-up