It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

PVI Systems offers flexible, turnkey data acquisition solutions that can be configured to best accommodate your sensor and measurement requirements. Simply follow these four steps, and your system will be optimized for your project:


1. Sensors

2. Data Acquisition Hardware

3. Custom Enclosures and Wiring

4. Software


Step 1: Sensors

Build a system consisting of one or more of these sensor components

Voltage and IEPE
  • From <1 S/s to over 2 MS/s
  • From , <2μV to 300 Vrms
  • Up to 118dB dynamic range
  • 3 to 32 input channels per module
Bridge Sensors and Strain Gages
  • ¼, ½, and Full bridge
  • <1 S/s to 102.4 kS/s
  • 0.625 to 10V Excitation Voltage
  • Shunt and Initial Voltage Calibration
  • 4 or 8 Channels per Module
Current Sensors
  • From <1 S/s to 250 kS/s
  • ±25 mA
  • 300 V Ch-Ch Isolated
  • 4 or 8 Channel Modules
    • From <1 S/s to 1200 S/s
    • Cold-Junction Compensation
    • Isothermal Terminal Block
    • Types J, K, T, E, N, B, R, and S
    • 4 to 32 Channels per Module
    • From <1 S/s to 50 S/s
    • 2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTDs
    • 4 or 20 Channel
    • From <1 S/s to 100 S/s
    • 4-Wire and 2-Wire Resistance, 10 kΩ, 1 kΩ
    Measurement Systems Components

    Mixed Sensor and Sample Rate Systems: Combine Voltage, IEPE, Bridge, Current, Temperature, or Resistance Modules in one System, with Multiple Sample Rates



    Step 2: Data Acquisition Hardware

    PXI and PXIe With the Option of Adding CompactDAQ Chassis
    PXI Platform option
    CompactDAQ: StandAlone, USB, Ethernet
    cDAQ Platform option
    FieldDAQ: Rated to IP67 – Ideal for Rough Environments

    Chameleon also supports the use of a variety of NI hardware in a single system.

    Distributed Systems: Multiple, Time-Synchronized Chassis using MXI, USB, or Ethernet Communication and GPS, IRG, or IEEE-1588 Timing.

    Step 3: Custom Enclosures and Wiring Harnesses

    PVI Systems offers multiple levels of integration, from mounting the system in a cabinet, patch panel integration, UPS backups, multiple monitor setups, and more, including:

    • Custom Enclosures
    • Connector Panels
    • Wiring Harnesses
    • Rack Mounted System
    • UPS Backup
    • RAID Arrays
    • Multiple Monitors
    • Shipping Crate
    Custom enclosure
    Custom enclosure
    Custom enclosure

    Step 4: Software

    Choose the version of Chameleon appropriate for your application’s hardware system:

    • Chameleon for PXI/PXIe – This version can be used with PXI/PXIe, cDAQ and FieldDAQ hardware.
    • Chameleon for cDAQ – This version can be used with cDAQ and/or FieldDAQ hardware.

    PVI Systems also offers the ability to customize and modify Chameleon to meet your needs. We have worked with numerous test groups to add sensor types, data export formats, and custom display options to ensure Chameleon works for you.